Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Billy Stump

I've been looking for a beautiful tree stump (or wide log section) for hammering and flattening and texturizing metal -- and my dear friend and fine furniture maker, Bill Hewitt, provided me with such a dream item today. Unfortunately the stump (nicknamed "the Billy Stump") comes my way because a horrible winter storm took out a number of mature trees on Bill's Whately, Mass organic farm. (I also brought home the most delicious organic asparagus I've ever eaten!)

I toted the stump home and carefully chiseled off all of the bark to help the stump begin the drying process (and give all living creatures a chance to move out.) I am in love with this chunk of sugar maple and I can't wait to get hammering on it soon.


pete said...

Gorgeous. Keep it outside but out of the rain. By August it'll be ready for some Danish Oil I can provide you with that will lock in a nice, honeyed glow. We could also finish the top to be perfectly flat and smooth if you wanted to.


Moda di Magno said...

Thanks Pete!

I was going to water-base poly - but I think Danish Oil is a much better idea!!

Yes - outside, but dry!