Monday, May 11, 2009

New, Shiny, Happy Things

New things for the Etsy Shop. After a week of being sick and feeling like I cold barely hold my head up I managed to finish a few pieces. Presenting:

Little India Earrings  I'm so psyched - these got picked for a gorgeous treasury and sold immediately (but I have more!)

The Peacock Pendant with Garnet gem. From an antique mould purchased in India - I am totally in love with the Peacock!

The Om {Aum} Pendant. By special request from my yoga ladies - I hand carved a mould for this pendant.

The Starfish bracelet. Not on Etsy yet - I made one as an experiment and a friend snatched it up. More soon!

1 comment:

Clever Endeavor said...

I do love your India and Peacock pendants. I also like your wood background, The wood backgrounds give a more antique feel to your photos. Cool.