Friday, May 08, 2009

Whoa - Whadda Week!

I was the recipient of a poorly-timed cold this week. With the H1-N1 virus still causing panic, I got my first cold this year. Very odd timing and a surprise as I didn't get my usual holiday season cold.  On Monday I auditioned for a voiceover and had a very important meeting. I was okay for those - but it went straight downhill from there.  
A blistering day on Tuesday - just brutal, and by the time I hit the sheets that night, I knew I was cooked.  Shivering on a night that was quite mild, I pulled the extra quilt out of the closet and back onto the bed. Wednesday morning was a swirl. Ack, my head, my nose, my ears. All stuffy and clouded and ick. I did what I don't usually do - I stayed home and rested.  (I don't think responding to work email while you are in bed counts against the rest chart.) No temperature, this will pass. Surely I'd be okay by Thursday. But, no, not so much. 
When the cat alarm (Badcat purring in my ear) when off at 6am my head felt like a crystal vase filled with cement - extra fragile and ready to break. The kind of headache that screams "I MUST HAVE A TUMOR" (or at the very least this pain is worthy of some special meds.) I crawled to the kitchen and had a tea & Advil latte. When the ridiculous pain subsided I dragged the laptop back to bed and slept until the first email arrived. Fortunately no one needed anything that I couldn't provide from bed. (Note to my future employers - I'm very efficient when working from bed.) I'm pretty sure no one would notice I was out as long as I answered their email within 2 minutes. Not sure that's a good thing.
Anyhoo, today is Friday and I went to work. It was 2pm before I started to feel like I would have to lay down in the coat closet to make it to the end of the day. I survived, didn't accidentally nap in a meeting and made it home. So with sleep calling my name I thought I'd just post some pix of recent work.  Oh, Meghan at A Girl Must Shop has a summer collection necklace to give away. Visit her awesome shopping site, comment on the post and you may win a fabulous Summer Collection necklace by moi.

Frail Whale will return this weekend now that I am feeling well. Stay tuned - those fabulous ladies at Craftastrophe will have some very exciting news about his return soon!

Little India Earrings, smaller than the India Earrings on Etsy - they'll go up soon.

Starfish earrings on posts for Vanessa's mother.

A pendant for Nathan's mom.

A family bracelet for another mom.

The horse pendant with horseshoe.

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