Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Overwhelmed Doesn't Come Close

Let's see, it's Wednesday now.

Monday was my corporate all staff meeting that I produced at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. It is still an odd feeling to help create and write, and edit, and gather, and cajole, and beg, and sweat over an event for many weeks and months and *poof* it's all done in an hour, cocktails to follow. The event went very well thanks to an amazing team from my office (thank you Peter, Janet, Tracey, Beth, Sarah, Todd, Barbara, Miss Ann, Matty, Pete, Lindsay, Zoe & Brianca) and Deb Flohr (and all at Wolfgang Puck Catering) and Jill Coleman (the ICA techie goddess) and their fine teams at the ICA.  When the weather threw a wrench, my team and the ICA teams reacted like lightening and moved the event to a new spot at the museum and it was a close to great as it could be.  Outstanding team work people.

Tuesday Tom and I went to Maine to help his elderly uncle while he recovers from brain surgery after a fall, and prepare to move him to a more intensive elder care unit at his aging-in-place facility.  I was braced for that, God bless him at nearly 90 years old - but I was not prepared to get a call informing me that a young (very) co-worker had just had very serious surgery and would soon follow with chemo.

I am exhausted and feel like I've been crying for days. I think sleep will help, but wow. Wow, wow, wow - I just don't know how we make it through certain days & weeks.  (I mean I know - I'm blessed with an amazing and loving husband, a fine and beloved circle of friends and overall, a belief that God is watching - but damn, it's only Wednesday and it's been kinda brutal.)

I'll be back soon with happy words and pictures - after I get a little sleep.

Until then, kittens!

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