Saturday, July 18, 2009

Montana Thus Far

For the past 17 years Tom and I have visited Squam Lake in New Hampshire with friends. This year those friends decided the summer trip should be to Swan Lake near Bigfork, Montana. I am grateful to the Bigfork Public Library for the wifi service - because I got nothing at the house on the lake. No cel signal, no TV signal - nada. Just a book, a beverage and some peace and quiet. Here are some photos and descriptions of the trip thus far.

Swan Lake, facing west(ish) at 9:20pm. Yeah, it stays light late.

At the entry gate to the property. Bostonians are never shy about their Red Sox. Never ever.

There is a small baseball diamond on the property, appropriately named.

At the Beer Garden Bar. Population: Drunk.

One of my favorite stops on any vacation - the local grocery store where we found "One Whole Chicken in a Can (without giblets.) Question: What do you think it looks like? Didn't buy...

This is Bounder the deer. I gave her white bread because the caretaker on the property showed me how to feed her. She is a wild deer, but very much protected on this property.

Barn kitteh!
More barn kittehs!
They take fire protection in the mountains very seriously.

Planning to play croquet this evening. Wonder how I'll do with a margarita in one hand and a mallet in the other.

Tom would never abide an antler chandelier, but posing with the sign - sure. Kinda.

Local sense of humor: "Sake to Me Sushi" - love it.

Eva Gates Homemade Preserves. I am told that Eva was the aunt of Evil Knievel. That's cool, but I must say she makes the best Huckleberry jam I ever tasted. (This is actually my first taste.)

Plotting the next day's route on the map: Tom, Harold and Watson.

I thought Maud would enjoy this little Boston Terrier bookend. I took this photo just for her.


Annie said...

Hooray for a Maudie in Montana!! xoxo

Ruth said...

I used to live near Squam Lake and worked up there.... I loved it - but sounds like you have found another paradise!