Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fare thee well, Ted Kennedy

“Good morning Governor’s Office, Lori Magno speaking.”

“Uh, Lori. This is Ted Kennedy. How are you? Is the Governor in?”

So went my first introduction to Senator Edward M. Kennedy. “The Senator”, Ted, Teddy, the Lion of the Senate – so many names for one giant of a man.

My reaction to The Senator’s call was to dash to the Governor’s door and blurt out “Ted Kennedy is on the phone – and he sounds JUST LIKE TED KENNEDY!” I’m kind of a genius like that. Few have mastered the obvious like me.

But he did sound just like Ted Kennedy should sound. Not the fake bad-acting Boston accent – but like a Kennedy. Not like Mayor Quimby on the Simpsons – but like Ted Kennedy. Like all the campaign clips from all of the family members – that’s what he sounded like. He sounded just like Ted Kennedy – and it was awesome.

The time was just after 9/11 and I was working for Governor Jane Swift. Senator Kennedy, Senator Kerry, the entire congressional delegation, the FBI and many agencies were constantly on the phone working with the Governor and the State Police and everyone else, as it was truly all hands on deck. But even in the throes of national tragedy, The Senator still asked, “How are you?”

The Senator always had more than budget proposals or security programs or recovery plans with him. He brought his heart and his soul and his kindness. A quiet word whispered to staffers about staying strong and sticking together. A pat on the shoulder and a wink to say “I’m with you.” A booming and reassuring voice that said we shall not be defeated by this or any other act against our country. God knows how that helped during that most awful and unbelievable time.

Ted was a man who knew how to overcome and not just keep moving forward, but to take the lessons of the past and use them for good. Everyone knows the Kennedy family has known tragedy on a scale that would cower lesser humans, but they still reached out past their own difficulties, and their own comfort, to help others.

Ted was a good man. His wit, kindness, charm and the twinkle in his Irish eyes will be sorely missed. I’m not one for Irish blessings or any of that kind of stuff, but Teddy – we hardly knew ye.

I wish peace to his wife Vicki and all the family and friends and colleagues who loved Ted. May his work on behalf of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the United States Senate continue in his name. With healthcare and education and housing and opportunity for all.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Things

A quiet companion to Om is Where the Heart Is - this necklace is called Om Sweet Om. Fine silver pendant formed from an antique mould purchased in India, enhanced by a Garnet drop and Sterling silver chain and available exclusively from the blog for one week. $75 Click here to purchase - FREE SHIPPING. (PS, you don't need a PayPal account to buy - look lower left on the page to see "use your credit card: - it's simple!)

The India Drop earrings

The Cherry Blossom Rings

The Tendril Earrings
A special gift for Murray the dog's human

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Upcoming Schedule

Oyez, oyez, oyez - get off yer duffs and come out to some arty farty party events.  No cover, no minimum - just move your feet, check out the peeps and be a part of society. Yeah the original antisocialite just said 'be a part of society.' Now do it. (Please.)

Friday, August 21
Art Friday - Downtown Crossing/Boston
(Summer & Washington Streets between Macy's and Filene's)
11am - 7pm

Saturday, August 22
Winchester Artists Network: Art in the Park 2009
Winchester/Town Green
9:30am - 1:30pm

Friday, August 28
Art Friday - Downtown Crossing/Boston
(Summer & Washington Streets between Macy's and Filene's)
11am - 7pm

October 10
Winchester Farmers Market - Winchester/Town Green
9:30am - 1:30pm

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Best Part of Friday

So Art Friday in Downtown Crossing was a total blast. I wish I had gotten more sleep the night before - If I'd been more in control of my motor functions I would have taken more photos of the crowds. It was a total world bazaar with visitors from all over the globe. Many of my designs went home with visitors to Boston, and my favorite sale of the day was the last one of the day!

Behold the fabulous Jess (dear friends with my co-worker and friend Patsy and introduced by former co-worker and friend Tom) wearing a Lakshmi pendant and brand new Cherry Blossom pendant. (Both selected just moments after deciding that the Peso earrings were meant to be hers.) Thanks for smiling at the camera ladies - your powerful energy and style is totally fab! (And I love the jealous lady's face in the background, she's like that weird squirrel.)

Save the date - 2009 Silk Road Gala

I am working with the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence on their annual Silk Road Gala at the swank new Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Boston. This will be a most elegant and fabulous event to benefit New England's only multilingual shelter and support services for Asian survivors of domestic violence. Celebrity chefs (ones you know) a silent auction (complete with Lakshmi Necklace for your bidding pleasure) and a live auction that will blow your mind.

If you attend only one fundraiser this year - this is the one. Pick out your most dazzling frock now! Get in touch if you want to help or need more info.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

TOMORROW: Art Friday! (Come Shopping!)


Along with a slew of fabulous artists I'll be part of the Downtown Crossing's Art Fridays. I'll have the Moda di Magno tent up on August 21 and August 28th as well.

Come on downtown to Washington & Summer Streets between Macy's and Filene's. Art, music, life - in downtown Boston. 11am - 7pm. All major cards accepted!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thomas Magno

Married people, you know how there are times in your life when you are really digging the person you are married to? Yeah, this is one of those times.  This is a snapshot from our trip to Montana - I'm certain Tom's photographs of Montana will be epic, I'm just happy to have one of him smiling.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Here There and Everywhere

On the heels of The Buyers Market of American Craft in Philadelphia comes a slew of craft/artisan shows.  I'll be part of the Downtown Crossing's Art Fridays on August 14, August 21 and August 28.  Come on downtown to Washington & Summer Streets between Macy's and Filene's. Art, music, life - in downtown Boston.  11am - 6pm. All major cards accepted!
I submitted my application for the Craftland holiday show in Providence, Rhode Island. It's a massively cool undertaking. Lots of brilliant handmade work, artists running the holiday operations and the hip factor of downtown Providence. Sweet. Fingers crossed.

I also applied to Somerville's Urban Country Fair. Held in Somerville's Union Square, this is a really charming event put on by the Somerville Arts Council and A touch of old-timey in a new-fangled world and a ton of crazy good artists.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Letter from Philly

It's taken me a few days to recover from the Buyers Market of American Craft held in Philadelphia August 1-3. My adventure there with members of the Etsy Metal Clay Team was an amazing one - I learned so much from the team, from the show producers, the other artists and from the buyers. I'm still processing all of the information! The 90 minutes spent watching Faythe Levine's Handmade Nation were equally inspirational and gives handmade artists a vision, a dream and a dose of reality. I'm choosing to focus on the dreamy part. Here are a few snaps from our adventure. 

Lori Magno, Moda di Magno

Etsy Metal Clay Team booth #827

Even better - a booth filled with buyers!

Lis-el Crowley, LC Originals

Janice Doner, Destiny's Creations

Christine Street, Chocolate and Steel

Reading Terminal Market - a palace of deliciousness.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Woof Purr Tweet & The India Collection

Still gathering up and processing pix from the Philadelphia Buyers Market of American Craft - but here are a few items that I showed to shop and gallery owners from around the country:

Monday, August 03, 2009

Philly Buyers Market - Final Day

The Etsy Metal Clay Team bid farewell to the Buyers Market of American Craft this evening. What a wonderful and interesting and amazing experience. We went hoping to learn the ins and outs - we came away with a lot of knowledge - and a bunch of orders as well!

The work of Dina Alexander (do I have to say 2008 Saul Bell Award Winner Dina Alexander again?) Lis-el Crowley, Janice Doner, Christine Street and me will be appearing in gallery and jewelry shops all over the US. I hope the team is as proud of themselves as I am - and as proud of the collective spirit, handiwork and spirit of adventure as I am. 

It takes a lot of character to show up in a town having not met any of the people you'll be sharing a sales booth with - it takes character and guts to share a hotel room! Everyone brought creative thinking and ideas to improve the look and feel of our booth - ways to interact with people who don't know much (or anything) about the metal clay medium, and ways to attract buyers to our booth at the end of the hall.

We celebrated Janice Doner's birthday last night at the lovely El Vez restaurant last night. Our waiter Michael was divine - and the food was diviner. The guacamole was all that it was cracked up to be (thanks Yelp!) and the chicken tacos were sublime.  Janice's birthday dessert was churros with a Mexican chocolate sauce and a candle stuck to the plate. Divine gets awesomer.

Will we return to Philly for the February show - that question remains to be answered, but one thing is for certain - this experience ranks among my favorite adventures ever.

Photos will go up tomorrow. Magno needs a nap!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Philly Buyers Market - Day 3

The Etsy Metal Clay Team can officially call the Buyers Market of American Craft a worthwhile endeavor. We have all written orders for various shops and galleries - and the entire team will be in Maddi's Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina. Even cooler - we met Diana and Madis Sulg, the owners of the gallery at the Buyers Market party about the Moshulu last night. 

We enjoyed a lengthy conversation with Dian and Madis about art, and the handmade movement, and metal clay, and the economy and all things artistic. When we parted They promised to stop by our booth and sure enough, they were two of the first people to visit booth #827 and wrote and order with each of the five of us. Dina Alexander, Christine Street, Lis-el Crowley and (birthday girl) Janice Doner are thrilled to pieces to all send work to the gallery.

Even better, tonight Maddi's Gallery won the Top Retailer award from Niche Magazine at their annual event. Awesome gets awesomer. We are so happy to congratulate Diane and Madis!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Philly Buyers Market - Day 2

Wowza! What a day. Note to self; soft, flat, comfortable shoes tomorrow. Assuming my feet will fit into them. Ouchie.

Had an interesting time at the Buyers Market, got a few minutes to look around in between people stopping by our booth.  I booked an order for Joolz Trinkets and Baubles in Thomasville, Georgia (holla! south GA!) So happy to send Moda di Magno to Joolz!

I attended a screening of the film Handmade Nation which was enjoyed by all.  After the film we attended a cocktail party aboard the Moshulu and met and spoke with interesting people.

Now I'm struggling to finish this sentence.  Goodnight.

When in South Georgia, please visit:

Joolz Trinkets & Baubles
105 South Broad Street, Suite 1
(229) 226-8037 

Philly Buyers Market - Day 1

Day one at the Buyers Market of American Craft was all about the set up.  The Etsy Metal Clay team all arrived at the Philly Convention Center within an hour of each other. Lis-el Crowley and Janice Doner traveled from Connecticut, Dina Alexander (2008 Saul Bell Award Winner Dina Alexander) traveled from Maryland and Christine Street flew from California. I took the Acela from Boston to Philly (which was actually pretty smooth despite the fact that I ended up in a 'quiet car'.) 

We quickly set to work and arranged the booth. The Rosen Group and Hargrove had booth #827 ready for us - 5 draped tables, curtains and a carpet. The EMC Team carried in everything else. 5 fast hours later, the tables were (painstakingly) laid out, posters were up and we were ready for the Etsy Street Team meet and greet arranged by the lovely Christine Kloostra of Rosen Group. Lauren and Rebecca from Rosen also joined in the fun.  Mix a box of wine with the Etsy Metal Clay Team, the Etsy Baltimore Team and Etsy Richmond and laughter will ensue.  One thing we can say for sure - not a soul in attendance has gotten more than 2 hours of sleep on any of the preceding 5 nights. We all suffered from the same "Should I make one more piece-I hate my line list-where are my lucky shoes" problem.  It's just a part of the show thing I guess.

It was extremely hot and humid in Philly and the venue, so we were all hot, exhausted, dirty and really hungry. We wanted to have a nice 'first night' meal - but no one was up for a big jaunt (nor did we have time for 5 showers and all the girl prep that goes into getting ready for an evening out.) Did I mention the exhaustion? We got on the google and looked for restaurants near our hotel - Mexican food being the most requested. I called out the nearby restaurants and the closest (i.e. one block away) was Chilis (you may guffaw) and the group reply was noooooooo - we want real Mexican.  We weighed the shower, distance, heat calculation again and decided maybe Chilis wouldn't be so bad - especially since we were all dying for chips and salsa. So  we went to Chilis, and ya know - sometimes a place can surprise you just by being welcoming and supplying a $4 margarita. Also the quesadilla didn't disappoint and Amy our server was quite nice.

We came back to the hotel and completely and utterly collapsed.  I haven't slept for nine hours in quite some time and wow did it feel good.  We are all up now, selecting outfits and getting ready for the magic (and madness.)

I'll add links and photos tonight.