Saturday, August 01, 2009

Philly Buyers Market - Day 1

Day one at the Buyers Market of American Craft was all about the set up.  The Etsy Metal Clay team all arrived at the Philly Convention Center within an hour of each other. Lis-el Crowley and Janice Doner traveled from Connecticut, Dina Alexander (2008 Saul Bell Award Winner Dina Alexander) traveled from Maryland and Christine Street flew from California. I took the Acela from Boston to Philly (which was actually pretty smooth despite the fact that I ended up in a 'quiet car'.) 

We quickly set to work and arranged the booth. The Rosen Group and Hargrove had booth #827 ready for us - 5 draped tables, curtains and a carpet. The EMC Team carried in everything else. 5 fast hours later, the tables were (painstakingly) laid out, posters were up and we were ready for the Etsy Street Team meet and greet arranged by the lovely Christine Kloostra of Rosen Group. Lauren and Rebecca from Rosen also joined in the fun.  Mix a box of wine with the Etsy Metal Clay Team, the Etsy Baltimore Team and Etsy Richmond and laughter will ensue.  One thing we can say for sure - not a soul in attendance has gotten more than 2 hours of sleep on any of the preceding 5 nights. We all suffered from the same "Should I make one more piece-I hate my line list-where are my lucky shoes" problem.  It's just a part of the show thing I guess.

It was extremely hot and humid in Philly and the venue, so we were all hot, exhausted, dirty and really hungry. We wanted to have a nice 'first night' meal - but no one was up for a big jaunt (nor did we have time for 5 showers and all the girl prep that goes into getting ready for an evening out.) Did I mention the exhaustion? We got on the google and looked for restaurants near our hotel - Mexican food being the most requested. I called out the nearby restaurants and the closest (i.e. one block away) was Chilis (you may guffaw) and the group reply was noooooooo - we want real Mexican.  We weighed the shower, distance, heat calculation again and decided maybe Chilis wouldn't be so bad - especially since we were all dying for chips and salsa. So  we went to Chilis, and ya know - sometimes a place can surprise you just by being welcoming and supplying a $4 margarita. Also the quesadilla didn't disappoint and Amy our server was quite nice.

We came back to the hotel and completely and utterly collapsed.  I haven't slept for nine hours in quite some time and wow did it feel good.  We are all up now, selecting outfits and getting ready for the magic (and madness.)

I'll add links and photos tonight.

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