Sunday, August 02, 2009

Philly Buyers Market - Day 3

The Etsy Metal Clay Team can officially call the Buyers Market of American Craft a worthwhile endeavor. We have all written orders for various shops and galleries - and the entire team will be in Maddi's Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina. Even cooler - we met Diana and Madis Sulg, the owners of the gallery at the Buyers Market party about the Moshulu last night. 

We enjoyed a lengthy conversation with Dian and Madis about art, and the handmade movement, and metal clay, and the economy and all things artistic. When we parted They promised to stop by our booth and sure enough, they were two of the first people to visit booth #827 and wrote and order with each of the five of us. Dina Alexander, Christine Street, Lis-el Crowley and (birthday girl) Janice Doner are thrilled to pieces to all send work to the gallery.

Even better, tonight Maddi's Gallery won the Top Retailer award from Niche Magazine at their annual event. Awesome gets awesomer. We are so happy to congratulate Diane and Madis!

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HappyDayArt! said...

I think that is a great first time experience! Thanks for writing Lori. You make it sound so easy!