Monday, August 03, 2009

Philly Buyers Market - Final Day

The Etsy Metal Clay Team bid farewell to the Buyers Market of American Craft this evening. What a wonderful and interesting and amazing experience. We went hoping to learn the ins and outs - we came away with a lot of knowledge - and a bunch of orders as well!

The work of Dina Alexander (do I have to say 2008 Saul Bell Award Winner Dina Alexander again?) Lis-el Crowley, Janice Doner, Christine Street and me will be appearing in gallery and jewelry shops all over the US. I hope the team is as proud of themselves as I am - and as proud of the collective spirit, handiwork and spirit of adventure as I am. 

It takes a lot of character to show up in a town having not met any of the people you'll be sharing a sales booth with - it takes character and guts to share a hotel room! Everyone brought creative thinking and ideas to improve the look and feel of our booth - ways to interact with people who don't know much (or anything) about the metal clay medium, and ways to attract buyers to our booth at the end of the hall.

We celebrated Janice Doner's birthday last night at the lovely El Vez restaurant last night. Our waiter Michael was divine - and the food was diviner. The guacamole was all that it was cracked up to be (thanks Yelp!) and the chicken tacos were sublime.  Janice's birthday dessert was churros with a Mexican chocolate sauce and a candle stuck to the plate. Divine gets awesomer.

Will we return to Philly for the February show - that question remains to be answered, but one thing is for certain - this experience ranks among my favorite adventures ever.

Photos will go up tomorrow. Magno needs a nap!

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Chocolate and Steel said...

I've enjoyed reliving the adventure through your blog post. It was definitely a good and successful adventure.