Tuesday, September 29, 2009

LIVE! From Martha Stewart Social Media & Tech Show!

Live from the audience of the Martha Stewart Social Media & Tech show!

- Running through pre-show checks, trying to get people connected to the Internet (I'm all fitted out with a Sprint card!)

Martha sitting with Biz Stone of Twitter. Can't tell who's more nervous.  Martha asks "Does the world need Twitter?"

Martha says you haven't made a dime - Biz says, but I feel rich.

Biz says "We will be a profitable company."

David Pogue was an AWESOME guest - spoke about his book the wisdom of Twitter (which we are all getting a copy of.)

Martha asked about the best Twitter tools and David said "search.Twitter.com" and then they flashed an image from that page FEATURING ModaMags (that's me) and David Pogue said that's someone who's here and I waved. Super dork I am. I fully admit it.

Chris Hughes from Facebook is adorable (and as Martha herself said, he looks like he's 13.)

Martha chatted about Facebook's beginning (dorm room) and success (300 million subscribers.)

Chris spoke about the actual usefulness of Facebook (family updates from the Virginia Tech shootings, Mumbai hotel bombing.)

Martha now welcoming Heather Cabot the Web Life editor from Yahoo!

Heather talking about all the tools that can help streamline your web experience on Yahoo!

Martha returning with the full panel for questions!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Martha Stewart & Social Media: A Good Thing!

I am pleased to inform you that I will be live-blogging/live-tweeting/Facebooking and whatever else I can fit in from the Martha Stewart Show on Tuesday, September 29th.  The show is a special Social Media and Tech event and I'm pysched to be able to join the in the fun.

I was not the only one that was surprised by Martha's bold move with regard to letting the audience send outbound messages from the show.  ArtofTalk.TV was also surprised by the move and wrote a brief kudos piece to Martha. Having attended the Jon Stewart show (whom I LOVE) last fall, with it's surprisingly tight restrictions on, um, everything, I am delighted that our domestic goddess is welcoming the tech tornado with open arms. (Bravo to her staff for leading the way!)

Peeps from Twitter, Facebook, The Google and Yahoo are scheduled to be a part of this event.

The show is set to air October 2, 2009 - I'll update if it changes!

Please Lord, let there be cupcakes too?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Look! Kitties!

All of my animal loving friends have been dying to know how the Badcat-Isabel integration has been going.  Well, after a day of indignant hissing, Badcat is pretty okay with the new girl.  Isabel is still exploring the house - every windowsill seems to be a major treat for her, but she takes time to visit Badcat just to check in.  There has been no swatting or fighting of any kind!

Badcat lounging on the dining room table, watching Isabel look at the birds visiting the bird feeder. REALLY WEIRD CIRCLE OF LIFE.

Isabel with her face pressed to the screen watching the birds at the feeder. And chirping at them. She's ADORABLE.

No drama at breakfast - dining at adjoining tables with no hissing. Peace reigns in the suburban wild kingdom.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Introducing: Isabel

Miss Isabel joined the family today courtesy of the Nevins Farm branch of the MSPCA. You should totally rescue an animal. Nevins Farm had horses and bunnies and birds and rabbits and chickens and hamsters and kittens and way more animals than anyone wants to see. Go pick up a little love.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lunch: The Oceanaire, Boston

I was fortunate to have lunch with my friend Fawn today at The Oceanaire in Boston. In a word, WOW. I had no idea what the restaurant was about, but it's all about the FABULOUS.  From having my white napkin replaced by a black one (to avoid white lint on my black trousers) to our delightful server, Juliana (who made excellent suggestions) to my favorite dessert in a mighty long time -- in addition to perfect company and hysterical lunch chat, this was the best meal I've had in ages. I love a great meal and love a resty that tweets.

Get your lunch on peoples.  We started with some lovely bread and fresh veggies, peperoncini and pickled herring, which I actually ate on a piece of bread. Wanted the full experience. Check that one off the list.

The lobster special as suggested by Juliana. And because I'm special I asked if the restaurant would remove the lobster from the shell. Hey, sometimes you don't want to work for it. No problem for the chef and beautifully presented.
Let me repeat.
A HOODSIE FOR DESSERT!  $.95 cents. With the wooden spoon.
I haven't had one of these in oh, 35 years or so. OMG! OMG! OMG! I somehow refrained from licking the inside of the cup - but what a sweet, neat and awesome surprise to find on a menu. I was also thrilled to find my number one restaurant/dessert menu request - a cookie plate!  I didn't order the cookies today (HEY! HOODSIE!!!!) but I will the next time.  
Get thee to The Oceanaire. And ask for Juliana's section - a nicer server you'll never find. You'll thank me.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cherry Blossom Pendant

The new Cherry Blossom Pendant and Cherry Blossom Stacker Ring just landed on my Etsy shop. Free shipping for the first week online! The rings are $25 and perfect for layering, the pendant is just $40. Everything arrives gift-boxed and ready for cheers.

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11, 2009

I spent the morning at the American Red Cross 'Women Who Care' Leadership Breakfast - an annual event to benefit the Mass Bay chapter of American Red Cross (thank you Nancy Martini for the invite!) Hosted by the lovely and talented Liz Brunner of WCVB, Massachusetts' first lady Diane Patrick was the keynote speaker - and she was wonderful and funny and warm and so good at the podium. I am so pleased I was able to hear her speak in person. Debra Jackson, CEO of the Mass Bay chapter of the American Red Cross gave a rousing speech - thanking (and re-thanking) everyone who donated and offered help and trained to help in emergencies. She was also funny and lively and warm. Super stylish! The final remarks were made by Rosalie Clough of Dynamic Perspectives.

Rosalie's remarks were about her experience as a Morgan Stanley employee in tower two on September 11th and how the actions of others that helped on that day moved her to action. That action was to become a leader in the American Red Cross - a fundraiser, a cheerleader, a woman of action.

September 11, 2001 was a terrible, awful, horrible day. The eight years since should have moved us all to action. Not the angry 'kill em all' that continues to this day, but positive action like finding a service organization that provides help to those in need. Becoming a trained emergency responder through an organization like the Red Cross or some other local org. There are as many ways to do a public service, a yoga or a kind act as there are ways to continue the rage that results in nothing.

We can't change history, we can merely honor it. And the best way is to do something that makes the future better.

I doubt that those whom we lost on September 11th would feel honored by less than positive action.

Don't waste the opportunity. Tomorrow doesn't always come.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Memorandum to: The Cat

To: Lazy, expensive cat

From: The people who pay the rent

RE: Lady-feeder's recent outburst

Cat, it has come to my attention that you have been keeping company in the basement. This is unusual given that you are an only child at this time. We desperately miss our beloved T-Bone, your partner in crime (and head cheerleader) for 12 years, but you may not have animals of any kind in the house.

Case in point: are you hiding a mouse in the basement? Seriously? Seriously. Something has been visiting the area where your litter box is and leaving evidence that they can't reach the litter box. And mama doesn't likey. Not one bit.

Cat, you are well fed (prescription Royal Canin lamb & green pea) and well cared for (thank you Winchester Vet Group) you are required to do no heavy lifting, no vacuuming, no laundry - no nothing. You are demanding and bossy and take over as much of the bed as you please. Given all that your people do for you - do you think you could ask your friend to go home now?  Is that too much to ask? It's not like we're asking you to produce income.

I really do not want to play catch and release with Man-feeder until we 'get the guest.' I also don't want to harm any creatures, so traps and poison are out of the question, but your guest must vacate the premises immediately. Do I make myself clear young lady?

Get off your duff and explain the house rules (i.e. no pets are to be kept by pets at any time) to your friend before I embarrass you.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Two Twitter Posts in a Row!

So not only did I have a laugh riot hour of watching Project Runway - I watched it with a viewing party on Twitter, courtesy of Clever Girls Collective. Even better, I won a FABULOUS prize (and no one loves a fabulous prize more than me!) from the 'Girls.' My prize is this fabulous make up palette from E.L.F. Cosmetics. I'm seriously digging their about page.

So mark your calendar for next week's Project Runway viewing party with Clever Girls Collective and copy these tags #cgc #projectrunway - you'll thank me.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Marketers, Take a Lesson

I'm going to take a lesson from the delightful Chester French and send my customers a little thank you note.  Marketing, personal style. Thanks D.A. !