Tuesday, September 29, 2009

LIVE! From Martha Stewart Social Media & Tech Show!

Live from the audience of the Martha Stewart Social Media & Tech show!

- Running through pre-show checks, trying to get people connected to the Internet (I'm all fitted out with a Sprint card!)

Martha sitting with Biz Stone of Twitter. Can't tell who's more nervous.  Martha asks "Does the world need Twitter?"

Martha says you haven't made a dime - Biz says, but I feel rich.

Biz says "We will be a profitable company."

David Pogue was an AWESOME guest - spoke about his book the wisdom of Twitter (which we are all getting a copy of.)

Martha asked about the best Twitter tools and David said "search.Twitter.com" and then they flashed an image from that page FEATURING ModaMags (that's me) and David Pogue said that's someone who's here and I waved. Super dork I am. I fully admit it.

Chris Hughes from Facebook is adorable (and as Martha herself said, he looks like he's 13.)

Martha chatted about Facebook's beginning (dorm room) and success (300 million subscribers.)

Chris spoke about the actual usefulness of Facebook (family updates from the Virginia Tech shootings, Mumbai hotel bombing.)

Martha now welcoming Heather Cabot the Web Life editor from Yahoo!

Heather talking about all the tools that can help streamline your web experience on Yahoo!

Martha returning with the full panel for questions!

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