Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Look! Kitties!

All of my animal loving friends have been dying to know how the Badcat-Isabel integration has been going.  Well, after a day of indignant hissing, Badcat is pretty okay with the new girl.  Isabel is still exploring the house - every windowsill seems to be a major treat for her, but she takes time to visit Badcat just to check in.  There has been no swatting or fighting of any kind!

Badcat lounging on the dining room table, watching Isabel look at the birds visiting the bird feeder. REALLY WEIRD CIRCLE OF LIFE.

Isabel with her face pressed to the screen watching the birds at the feeder. And chirping at them. She's ADORABLE.

No drama at breakfast - dining at adjoining tables with no hissing. Peace reigns in the suburban wild kingdom.

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Ruth said...

What purties! Glad the integration is progressing well.