Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lunch: The Oceanaire, Boston

I was fortunate to have lunch with my friend Fawn today at The Oceanaire in Boston. In a word, WOW. I had no idea what the restaurant was about, but it's all about the FABULOUS.  From having my white napkin replaced by a black one (to avoid white lint on my black trousers) to our delightful server, Juliana (who made excellent suggestions) to my favorite dessert in a mighty long time -- in addition to perfect company and hysterical lunch chat, this was the best meal I've had in ages. I love a great meal and love a resty that tweets.

Get your lunch on peoples.  We started with some lovely bread and fresh veggies, peperoncini and pickled herring, which I actually ate on a piece of bread. Wanted the full experience. Check that one off the list.

The lobster special as suggested by Juliana. And because I'm special I asked if the restaurant would remove the lobster from the shell. Hey, sometimes you don't want to work for it. No problem for the chef and beautifully presented.
Let me repeat.
A HOODSIE FOR DESSERT!  $.95 cents. With the wooden spoon.
I haven't had one of these in oh, 35 years or so. OMG! OMG! OMG! I somehow refrained from licking the inside of the cup - but what a sweet, neat and awesome surprise to find on a menu. I was also thrilled to find my number one restaurant/dessert menu request - a cookie plate!  I didn't order the cookies today (HEY! HOODSIE!!!!) but I will the next time.  
Get thee to The Oceanaire. And ask for Juliana's section - a nicer server you'll never find. You'll thank me.

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