Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11, 2009

I spent the morning at the American Red Cross 'Women Who Care' Leadership Breakfast - an annual event to benefit the Mass Bay chapter of American Red Cross (thank you Nancy Martini for the invite!) Hosted by the lovely and talented Liz Brunner of WCVB, Massachusetts' first lady Diane Patrick was the keynote speaker - and she was wonderful and funny and warm and so good at the podium. I am so pleased I was able to hear her speak in person. Debra Jackson, CEO of the Mass Bay chapter of the American Red Cross gave a rousing speech - thanking (and re-thanking) everyone who donated and offered help and trained to help in emergencies. She was also funny and lively and warm. Super stylish! The final remarks were made by Rosalie Clough of Dynamic Perspectives.

Rosalie's remarks were about her experience as a Morgan Stanley employee in tower two on September 11th and how the actions of others that helped on that day moved her to action. That action was to become a leader in the American Red Cross - a fundraiser, a cheerleader, a woman of action.

September 11, 2001 was a terrible, awful, horrible day. The eight years since should have moved us all to action. Not the angry 'kill em all' that continues to this day, but positive action like finding a service organization that provides help to those in need. Becoming a trained emergency responder through an organization like the Red Cross or some other local org. There are as many ways to do a public service, a yoga or a kind act as there are ways to continue the rage that results in nothing.

We can't change history, we can merely honor it. And the best way is to do something that makes the future better.

I doubt that those whom we lost on September 11th would feel honored by less than positive action.

Don't waste the opportunity. Tomorrow doesn't always come.

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