Wednesday, October 28, 2009

India Paisley Drop Earrings

Created for a special customer, the India Paisley Drop earrings.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bunny Boo and Kitty Boo

Bunny Boo and Kitty Boo have joined the Moda di Magno family. Created from my original illustrations, each pendant is made of fine silver and dangle from a sterling silver bead ball chain. Just $36 each so collect 'em all!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wow. Time Flies.

Since I last posted I had another mini beat-down by the flu. Never say out loud that you are feeling better. Never.
Had the annual breaking of my heart ceremony courtesy of the Red Sox. Thanks guys.
Had a birthday. Whatev.
Celebrated my 15th wedding anniversary. Awesome.
Participated in a divine charity event (pix soon.)
Sold several items in my new ArtFire shop (for your convenience now available via
What else?
Hmmm. Showed my gems at the town Farmer's Market. (A blast.)
Sketched a bunch of new designs. (Happy!)
Started planning holiday shows (you'll all be invited.)
Attended a large format photography exhibit and the Arlington open studios in the same day!
Wished that fall could stick around a little longer and winter stay away an equal amount.

I've been on Twitter a bit. And created a Facebook fan page for the jewelry, so I haven't been away for purely selfish reasons. Okay I have, but I'll have photos to share here soon.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Join me: Clever Girls Collective Project Runway Twitter Party!

Be part of the Clever Girls Collective Twitter Party on THURSDAY, October 8th!
Join us every week as we watch Project Runway with—and give away fabulous prizes to—our closest, Clever-est Twitter friends, just for answering a few fun questions!

New this week:

We're extending the party to Facebook! Become a fan and leave a comment on the Clever Girls Collective wall and you're entered to win! See below for all the details.

This week: EPISODE 8

Moda di Magno Cherry Blossom Pendant
Kors is back, but we're still waiting for Nina to make her triumphant and critical return. Could this be the week? Will Christopher be able to pick up the pieces of his shattered dreams? Will someone finally make Carol Hannah pick one name?

Moda di Magno India Dot Stack Ring
We're delighted to announce that the prize this week is from one of our Clever Girls Party participants, the gifted and talented Lori Magno, aka @ModaMags. She's sponsoring six $30 gift certificates to her fabulous ArtFire jewelry store: 
Moda di Magno 

You'll love Lori's gorgeous silver designs -- we do!
Here's how you can play, and win:

Moda di Magno India Earrings
* You follow @CleverGirlsColl on Twitter
* Hang out on Twitter while watching the real time episode of Project Runway
* Tweet your answer to the @CleverGirlsColl Project Runway questions
* Make sure to include #projectrunway and #cgc tags!
* Clever Girls Collective picks a winner at random from the tagged answers
* An excellent time is had by all!

And by popular demand, for you Facebook-only dudes and dudettes, here's how you can play and win:
* Become a Fan of Clever Girls Collective
* Leave a comment on our wall
* Clever Girls will pick a comment at random to win the prize of the week!

When the magic happens:

Two parties, every Thursday night during the Project Runway Season

* East Coast Party, 10 pm ET

* West Coast Party, 10 pm PT

This week you have three chances to win at each party, and each gift certificate is worth $30.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

The flu has been kicking my @ss (or photos instead of words)

I got home from Martha and the flu came in hard and fast. No fever (finally) and using less than a box of tissue an hour - but oh my goodness, this one was rough. Of course I'm scheduled to get my flu shot on October 9th. Nice. Tommy's got the flu now - and totally blaming me. Nice.

In lieu of words, some pix.

The new girl Isabel watching  the birds from her tree.

The furry paws slay me.

From last weekend, Sarah and Scot and the Ducati immediately following the ceremony. Priorities peeps!

From NYC - the Chelsea Hotel. Look it up.

RAINBOW BRITE! YOUR'E ALIVE!  Kids, I repeat, pajama bottoms are not pants. Leggings are not pants, nothing but pants are pants. GET SOME.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Watch Martha Stewart on October 2, 2009

If you are near a television at 10am tomorrow - FRIDAY, October 2nd - watch Martha Stewart's special Social Media & Tech show.  It features Biz Stone of Twitter, David Pogue of the New York Times and many fine books, Chris Hughes of Facebook and Heather Cabot of Yahoo. Hey crafts + social media - I'M SO THERE!

I was in the audience live blogging and tweeting when David Pogue showed Martha how to use and pulled up a list featuring me - aka my ModaMags twitter self!  You may see me waving from the audience like the giant dork that I am.

During the Q&A at the end of the show I asked Martha not a question, but to please say the line from the Macy's commercial "No tweeting, while eating." Martha obliged and we all laughed. Thanks for the tickets to the show @MarthaAudience and thanks for the great day Social Media Universe!

A few snaps from the day:

The lobby wall when you enter the Martha Stewart Studio

My dear friend Watson who accompanied me to the show and was extremely gracious when I was hooting and yelling for Biz, David and Chris. And did not duck his head when I waved at the camera.

Martha preparing to interview David Pogue.

Look for this screen shot during the show.

What I bought from the Martha shop after the show. Do you have 24 ESSENTIAL glitter colors? I do now!

Best Thank You EVER!

The best part of making jewelry is that many times people send words of thanks and praise. (I do bathe in your applause.) But today I received the best thank you ever from Michelle G. who's at college in New York. (Here's hoping that wasn't written in Sharpie!)