Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wow. Time Flies.

Since I last posted I had another mini beat-down by the flu. Never say out loud that you are feeling better. Never.
Had the annual breaking of my heart ceremony courtesy of the Red Sox. Thanks guys.
Had a birthday. Whatev.
Celebrated my 15th wedding anniversary. Awesome.
Participated in a divine charity event (pix soon.)
Sold several items in my new ArtFire shop (for your convenience now available via
What else?
Hmmm. Showed my gems at the town Farmer's Market. (A blast.)
Sketched a bunch of new designs. (Happy!)
Started planning holiday shows (you'll all be invited.)
Attended a large format photography exhibit and the Arlington open studios in the same day!
Wished that fall could stick around a little longer and winter stay away an equal amount.

I've been on Twitter a bit. And created a Facebook fan page for the jewelry, so I haven't been away for purely selfish reasons. Okay I have, but I'll have photos to share here soon.

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