Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Specials: Moda di Magno

Friday, November 27th through Monday, November 30th - all items on my ArtFire and Etsy sites are 25% off and ship via standard USPS shipping FREE!  No standing in line, no 3am doorbusters, no coupons necessary. Enjoy shopping - stay home!

Moda di Magno on ArtFire

Moda di Magno on Etsy

Monday, November 23, 2009

Wintry, silvery goodies

A bunch of new fine silver items - they'll be on the website tonight.  You'll also be able to visit them LIVE! In Person! at a show in Winchester on Saturday, December 5th.

Cocoa Express Cafe (at the Wedgemere Train Station)
Bacon Street & Mystic Valley Parkway
(25 Mystic Valley Parkway for those of you programming your GPS)
Saturday, December 5, 2009
10am - 2pm
** Arts, Crafts, Gourmet chocolate & coffee goodies **
A lively good time, bring the kids - plenty of on-site parking!

It's MITTENS, kittens!  I'm wearing an M right now. I'm thinking this could be the Mother's necklace for the winter!  I'm working on a couple of designs without initials as well!

The Snowflake Pendant. Because it's going to snow eventually!

The 'Bex' Earrings - snowflakey, shiny goodness for your ears!

The Christmas Ball. See how good I was, I refrained from saying Christmas BALLS (even though it is super fun to say!)

The Mitten. I'm totally loving this one!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New and only a few

So new they aren't even on the website yet!

17" Red Coral with Turquoise pendant with Sterling Bali beads on Sterling Silver toggle clasp. $48

Rainbow Quartz - 17" necklace of gorgeous stones on Sterling Silver clasp, Garnets sprinkled throughout. $60

Faceted Red Agate with Garnets on Sterling Silver toggle clasp. 17" of seriously stunning power gems. ONE ONLY: $52

Monday, November 09, 2009

The post where I explain how my hatred of Uggs bit me in the butt

Soooo, I may have said a few thousand mean things about Ugg boots. I may have twittered or posted photos of girls ruining their otherwise lithe and fashionable selves with the stumpitude of Uggs. Well the bastards came back to hurt me.

On Sunday I was wearing my Ugg slippers (*that were a thoughtful Christmas present from a friend*) when I rode the last three steps to the front hall floor on my butt. I thank the Lord that butt is slightly larger than it needs to be as I did not break anything, but black & blue doesn't begin to describe my backside. And damn if every chair in the universe EXCEPT my office chair is a painful torture device. That is so wrong.

So I'm sorry girls who have been fooled into thinking that comfort outweighs making yourself look like a fashionable tree stump. I'm sorry other girls who can't remember that Uggs aren't waterproof. I'm sorry other other girls who think they go with everything (the seriously don't.) I'm sorry and I don't know how you found me.  Happy now Uggs?

Game on boots, game on.

New! Now! Fine Silver & Wool Felt Acorns

I am so excited about these new necklaces! Uber-talented artist Charlene McBride is hand-felting these beautifully colored 'acorns' for me and I am making, one at a time, the acorn caps - forming them over a real acorn.  These are available on my ArtFire shop - but three colors are sold already! I'll post more as soon as they are ready!

Curry color - still available!

Cocoa color - still available!

Isabel the cat driving me batshit helps me photograph the new pendants.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

I Made it to Craftgawker!

I'm so excited! The Olmstead Fern pendant made it to Craftgawker!  If you don't know Craftgawker - you are missing the prettiest collections of handmade items available on the web. Get there!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

New, Now - and only One!

An experimental project available at ArtFire!