Monday, November 09, 2009

The post where I explain how my hatred of Uggs bit me in the butt

Soooo, I may have said a few thousand mean things about Ugg boots. I may have twittered or posted photos of girls ruining their otherwise lithe and fashionable selves with the stumpitude of Uggs. Well the bastards came back to hurt me.

On Sunday I was wearing my Ugg slippers (*that were a thoughtful Christmas present from a friend*) when I rode the last three steps to the front hall floor on my butt. I thank the Lord that butt is slightly larger than it needs to be as I did not break anything, but black & blue doesn't begin to describe my backside. And damn if every chair in the universe EXCEPT my office chair is a painful torture device. That is so wrong.

So I'm sorry girls who have been fooled into thinking that comfort outweighs making yourself look like a fashionable tree stump. I'm sorry other girls who can't remember that Uggs aren't waterproof. I'm sorry other other girls who think they go with everything (the seriously don't.) I'm sorry and I don't know how you found me.  Happy now Uggs?

Game on boots, game on.

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Zoe Nelson said...

Oh, Lori, I'm sorry you have a hurt butt! And, I totally agree with you about the Uggs. I have a similar pet peeve: Pajama bottoms are NOT pants! I live in a "Bohemian" town, so I see a lot of that.