Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hearts for Haiti: Etsy Metal Clay Style

Here are some photos of a charm bracelet created by the Etsy Metal Clay team as a donation to a worthy charity. There are 25 silver, bronze or copper charms -- some with gemstones, some with polymer clay, some with concrete or enamel or resin; but every single one made with love.

The bracelet is for sale via the Hearts for Haiti shop on Etsy THE BRACELET HAS SOLD!!! and is only $350 - that is a crazy good style bargain and providing aid for people so desperately in need.  Get on over to the shop and get yourself a piece of EMC awesomeness!  FREE SHIPPING because we love you.

The artists involved in this amazing project are (in alphabetical order)
*Click the name to visit the shop


Mango Tango Designs said...

Someone please stop me from buying this myself! Too much unbelievable talent in one amazing bracelet. I want it!!

Marbella Jewelry Designs said...

That's wonderful!

Ruth said...

Wasn't it great to sell so fast! Thanks for your part in it all

peter said...


peter said...

Listen hon, it shouldn't take a disaster to get you amazing jewelers to do these group pieces of utter gorgeousness. You should do one every month-- actually do 20 and contribute the proceeds of a couple to charity. Etsy would totally feature you and they'd sell out in, like, 11 minutes.