Sunday, March 07, 2010

Even More Music

For the 9th night in a row beloved husband and I have had an event, or dinner, or such 'you many not wear your pajamas' event. On Saturday night it was the Spectrum Singers pre-spring concert featuring their favorite music.  Some of their favorites are mine as well - Four Motets by Anton Bruckner, Rejoice in the Lamb by Benjamin Britten (it's 8 shades of crazy, but there are elements that I really love) and my favorite of their favorites - Vivaldi's Gloria in D. You've all heard bits of that in films, but to be sitting up front and hearing those magnificent voices (featuring Tom's brother Henry) along with the orchestra of Emmanuel Music was such a treat.

I am slightly ashamed to admit that every time conductor John Erlich steps to the stage I turn to Tom and quote something from Philip Seymour Hoffman in The Big Lebowski. Usually "Dude". Tell me if I'm wrong about the similarity to PSH.

Conductor Erlich:

A side by side comparison.

Henry glaring at me because he probably knows I'm writing this in my head as I take the picture.

The chorus at work.

A clip from one of the best movies ever.

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HappyDayArt! said...

I really enjoyed that movie!