Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Doing What I Love

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I took some time off from the blog (and a lot of things) after we lost Badcat. I really needed it – the world was a strange place without my girlie. It took a while to stop walking into the kitchen and expecting to find her just inside the door. I cleaned the studio, I read some books, I filed things (where I couldn’t tell you, but they are in nice, neat little files somewhere in my office.)

I spent some time daydreaming, sketching designs for the jewelry, watching Food Network way too much and contemplating a getaway or two with Tom.  Our first attempt in July was foiled by a massive amount of work (and about 10 different projects with the exact same deadline.) I did get a weekend up in New Hampshire – and I helped bake a pie with our friend Watson, I breathed the air near Lake Winnepesaukee, I felt a little better – I survived July.

I hoped for a break in the action, but I hit the road for Baltimore in August for the Buyers Market of American Craft – my third wholesale show – and it was great. A whole lot of prep, design, creation of jewelry, photography, the launch of the new (plus all of the day job stuff as well!) I looked forward to a week in Chatham in late September.

Tom and I were really fortunate to rent a cottage next to the Chatham Bars Inn with Harold and Watson. We enjoyed the mostly fantastic weather – the edge of a hurricane bringing sea breezes and plenty of shells to our part of the beach. But it was only a week and while I really did (quite nearly/almost) disconnect I feel like I barely caught up on the sleep I’d been missing during the crazy summer. 

I spent a lot of time soaking up the sun and pondering a vacation-vacation. A totally disconnected OMG-do-you-know-what-data-service-costs-in-Europe-shut-off-iPhone kind of vacation. AWAY-AWAY. That is the ultimate family vacation - no interruptions. No texts, no messages, no calls - just time together in a beautiful place.

We visited Montana last summer – the guys went to Italy the fall before. I’ve been to Philly, New York, Hotlanta, and sunny FLA – but I really want to go back to Montreux, Switzerland again.

Our last visit in 2005 was for Tom’s photo assignment – so it was a very busy, but beautiful time, but I miss the place. Montreux remains this delicious, beautiful, comfortable place full of great bread, great wine, great cheese and great chocolate. Yes – the four things that make life delicious are all available from local makers, on the edge of Lac Leman (one of Tom’s favorite subjects) in a town that is so low key that Freddie Mercury chose to enjoy his final days there.

I’m planning, I’m plotting, I’m trying not to wheedle or cajole – but I may start that soon enough – I need to get back there. Soon. Sooner than is probably practical – but did I mention the chocolate?


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