Monday, November 08, 2010

Me & Other Artists for Monkey Helpers

Yeah, a big WTF for that title.  An AKA could be 'When friends ask you to do things for charities you know nothing about.'  The fabulous Stephanie Rogers asked if I would show the Moda di Magno goodies at the Helping Hands Festivale. That sounded nice - I said tell me more. Better, she sent me a link to the organization and omg, how cool are they?  Monkeys, who do things for disabled people - love.  I met two of the trainers and they are lovely people, it was a great crowd of people in attendance and plenty of music and food and fun.

I met some fantastic artists and a good time was had by all!

Emily Lafasciano (at right) is a fantastic bead designer - she's also a saint because she helped me unpack and set up in 5 minutes flat! Her patient craft-spouse immediately provided refreshing beverages, I'm so grateful to both! At left is Noelle Schuyler, Development Director for Monkey Helpers.

Super talented mosaic artist Jaime Jancosek was at the table next to me. Her patient craft-spouse was also in attendance. Her work is amazing and beautiful.

This is Jane Wojick, she makes beautiful pottery. Her patient craft-spouse is at left making us laugh as we prepare to pack up.

Newlywed Christine Price Hamilton makes these incredible paper lanterns BY HAND.  Now I have done some what-was-I-thinking/labor-intensive/should-have-cost-a-million-dollars projects - but these lights are stunning and very reasonably priced. Avoid pale Swedish lights made in factories and get an artisan made Tesselight.  Her patient craft-spouse is in my favorite local band, Session Americana. Bonus points for Jon. (My patient craft-spouse was cleaning up the mess from a broken water pipe - but that's a story for another day.)


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