Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays from Miss Isabel the Cat

Note to the family holiday card senders: This photo also took hours and multiple attempts, but it is worth it to keep trying (I promise.) For those that have already asked, she's a shelter kitty, mixed mystery breed, but many nice people keep shouting MAINE COON and RAGDOLL and other things at us - we don't know, we don't care - she's a total sweetheart, happy, playful and adores Tom. She weighs 9 pounds - most of that is fur. Play dates available.  (Photogs: She's on a table in front of the tree, mid-height, with one snoot dimmed by grid cloth.) Everyone else: Hi!!! Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!

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Backside Five said...

This is a beautiful cat picture! I love cats and Christmas... I look forward to following your blog. cheers