Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Cat did NOTHING

I said it. Isabel the Cat did NOTHING during the storm except curl up on some fleece and nap. I was the Snow Ninja, I suited up, I took one for the team (the other half of the team being stuck in Florida.) I shoveled, I cleared and I shoveled some more. Thanks #bosBlizz - I proved my shoveling awesomness again. I'd rather not have to prove myself on an on-going basis, so you can stop now.

Miss Isabel poses in between naps.

The view from the library window. Yes, I have a library - what of it?

The Pine tree I worry about. This branch is 30 feet in the air, so I couldn't shake it to relieve the burden. Hope it stays attached to the tree.

The car at 9am. It snowed for hours before I finally got to it.

Forced perspective makes this sidewalk look waaaaay shorter than it is.

Did you shovel out your hydrant? It's keeping you and your neighbors safe. Help your Fire Department out and shovel clear to the street.

Snow Ninja suits up! It's about the layers.


Lora Hart said...

OMG! Am I insane to be thinking of moving back east? My little California bred bones will snap like unfired metal clay.

Proud of you for "manning" up Miss di Magno!

Moda di Magno said...

Lora, the snow melts (unlike a mudslide.) Can't remember the last earthquake. Water is safe to swim in, and drinking water in abundance. Smart level = high, crazy level = lower than soCali.

Join us - the winter is only bad Jan. - March. We have fireplaces and neighborhood pubs - it makes it worthwhile (even if the cats are wanton layabouts and don't lift a finger to help!)

Destiny's Creations said...

Lori, your my hero - I would sat infront of that and cried if I had to take one for the team and shovel yesterday! Emma did nothing as well. LOL