Monday, March 07, 2011

Fug Madness is Upon Us!

Oh thank God! The winter *appears* to be winding down, I've got a little vacay coming up and those deliriously delightful girls at Go Fug Yourself are preparing another season of Fug Madness!

What is Fug Madness you ask? Well, think of your typical bracket sporting event and substitute your "favorite" college teams with a year's worth of bad celebrity fashion. Not just your random foundation garment crisis, but full blown Bai Ling via Courtney Love channeling Alexander McQueen style fashion blindness ('it looked so good on the rack'...)

So take a trip by the Fug Girls, make your nominations known and take a gander at last year's 'winner.'

As for me TEAM SWINTON 4Ever! (And I still demand a recount!)

Madge is a contender:

So is this one: 

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