Sunday, March 06, 2011

North End ramble

After a brief stop (and a quality cocktail) at the Bond lounge at the Langham hotel in Post Office Square, the hearty adventurers set out for the authentic taste of North End pizza. How friends Scot and Sarah had never been to the original Pizzeria Regina I'll never know - so we dragged them down, waited in line (ever so briefly) and enjoyed the finest local crust in Boston. (We hadn't done a North End wander in quite some time!)

Sarah ponders the reality that we are waiting outside in line for what is sure to be 'not our typical evening' out.

Our waitress is excited to meet Scot and asks him to pass along a message to one of his co-workers. LaToya Edwards, she wants to know where you get your hair done...

Mr. & Mrs. Yount.

That is one dandy cocktail and some lovely Sauvignon Blanc on my face - typical social media terror on Tom's face. (Shot by Scot on my new iPhone.)

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