Saturday, March 05, 2011

A walk to the center

The snow has finally (mostly) receded from the sidewalks enough to walk into the center. A bit dreary this morning, but no face-cracking winds and a few patches of blue sky here and there. 

This photo is not in black and white - this is just the way it looks and feels today.

A view of the library across the pond from Main Street.

The Episcopal church at the end of my block puts these hearts in the trees every February. Every year I mean to find out why but I never do. It is a lovely thing - and was most appreciated during this awful, snowy February.

And the reason for the walk into town was to pick up this collection of DVDs at the library. Inspector Morse! I just started reading the book The Dead of Jericho and wowza - mama likey!  As a great admirer of the late Robert B. Parker's Spenser series, I'm looking forward to adding another detective to the lineup - especially one with such a sassy tongue. I'll be taking this set to the Florida for a brief respite, some heavy thinking, some light work and a little design time.

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Jill @ TDLC said...

just seeing all that color in the dead trees made me smile :)