Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Oh hai, blog...

Dining room light at Marcia & Henry's on New Year's Day

Oh hello there blog. Hello twenty-aught-thirteen. How the hell did that happen?

2012 was here, and then not. Facebook rabbit hole. Twitterhole. Instagramhole. Work, travel, jewelry, births, deaths, the longest campaign season ever. Shows, attempts at making a lawn (hah.) No snow to speak of, still went to Florida. Visited my Cali peeps, had a twinge of 'I could live here again' - then we had a reminder earthquake in Winchester, and I remembered why I moved back. Northridge quake still rather fresh after 18, almost 19 years.

I'll be here with pictures and words more often. I still have plenty to shout about. And show off.

Wishing everyone the best year ever - I expect it, I want it, I will it to happen.

PS, it wouldn't be right to post without Isabel the Cat:

Isabel the Cat, Christmas Day, 2012

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